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Buck, now known as Lakota, was one of the first official Reggie’s Friends rescue. He was discovered by a volunteer from another rescue, who was rescuing puppies from a neighboring house.

Lakota was living on a 4 foot chain and had a ramshackle wood house as cover, and a construction bucket for water.

We found out that he belonged to “a cousin” who had left him there and the family did not want him. Even worse, he had lived in that situation for four years. The kids threw rocks at him and poked him with sticks, because they said he was mean and deserved it.

This smart boy made the best of the situation as he had made a little moat where he did his business and he lived on top of a mound where it was clean. Luckily we were able to convince the family to surrender him to us.

Lakota now lives in Kansas with his dad who owns a big rig mechanic shop. He gets to work with his dad, when the weather is permitting. Lakota also has a mastiff sister.

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