Adoption Procedures

  • First, please note that the entire rescue is volunteer run. Everyone from our director down to our amazing fosters have full time jobs and families. Meaning, it may take us a day or two to get back to you, but don’t worry, we will!
  • With that in mind, we would appreciate applications only being submitted by serious adopters. It takes us several days to process applications and we want to use that time to work with families who are committed to bringing a new family member home.
  • You MUST be 21 years old to apply, must have never been convicted of animal cruelty, must be able to provide two, non-family references, and must be able to financially afford the cost of owning a dog.
  • If you rent your home or live with a relative, please have their permission for the particular dog you are applying for in hand when you apply.
  • Please be sure to read the biographic information on the dog you are interested in. We spend a lot of time providing information about the dogs’ behaviors, personality, potential challenges, and health. We want every family+dog combination to be the best possible fit!
  • We ask that adoptive families be ready to bring their dog home within TWO weeks of the application. We cannot hold dogs beyond that. The longer the dogs are with us, the more they miss out on time with their family and the fewer dogs we are able to rescue. If you are not ready to bring a dog home within a 2-3 week time period, please check back and see what dogs we have available closer when you will be ready to welcome your dog home!
  • If we get multiple applications for any dog our policy is that we process any and all applications equally and work with the foster parent in order to find the best possible scenario for both the pup and the family.
  • Most of our dogs are fostered in Houston and are flown to their adoptive families following the adoption process. Unless you live in or plan to visit Houston, there is, unfortunately, no option to meet the dogs prior to adoption except via a video chat method such as Facetime or Skype. (We get that this method is not for everyone and totally respect and understand that!)
  • Our adoption fees are $300 USD for Houston area adoptions (the dog must be picked up in Houston) and $500 USD for out-of-state adoptions. There is an additional $110-125 Canadian due upon pickup at customs. The out-of-state fee includes transport costs.
  • The adoption fees must be paid in full no less than three days before the dog will leave us. We cannot accept partial fees or set up payment plans.
  • Following the completion of the adoption process, we fly the dogs directly to their adoptive families via the United Petsafe program on nonstop flights to the following cities:
    • Boston, MA (BOS)
    • Denver, CO (DEN)
    • Portland, OR (PDX)
    • San Jose, CA (SJC/SFO)
    • Seattle, WA (SEA)
    • Vancouver, BC (YVR – does NOT include Vancouver Island)
  • We try to work with our adopters as much as possible to make pickup of your new furbaby convenient, but sometimes the major airports in the cities listed above are as close as we can get to certain areas for a number of reasons. So, if you are not close (or willing to travel) to the major airport for the city in which a dog was listed please flag that up to me first thing so we can make sure the logistics are feasible for both parties.

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