Reggie’s Friends was founded out of our love for helping dogs.

Living in a city of 1.2 million homeless animals, there was rarely a day when we didn’t see a dog in need of help. Instead of just wanting to do something, we figured out how to do something! Reggie’s Friends is dedicated to the health and welfare of dogs in and around the greater Houston, TX area. We focus our attention on helping dogs who have been abandoned in boarding facilities, shelter dogs, and street dogs find loving, forever families. We also believe in helping people with their pets by hosting low-cost vaccination and microchipping events. We live and love by our motto #streetlifetosweetlife!

We Help people help dogs.

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About Reggie

Reggie was found wandering, abandoned and starving, in Northeast Kansas. He was taken to a low-kill shelter, but he was really scared and screeched a lot. Reggie is deaf, so he doesn’t hear himself or the noises he makes. His squealing was difficult for the staff and volunteers to manage and it was decided that he would be euthanized.

Just a few days before he was scheduled to be put down, a 16-year old volunteer from Game Dog Guardian, a local pit bull rescue, convinced her mom to foster him. He left the shelter and went home to the most amazing foster home who worked hard on his manners and behavior. He of Reggie was posted to GDG’s website and one day, I was surfing around for a dog to SPONSOR and came across Reggie’s photos. His profile read: “Reggie is a deaf pit bull…” this was a little crazy because Reggie’s dad’s father is Reggie and he is also deaf.

We thought it may have been fate, but we hadn’t committed to bringing another dog into our home. We had two dogs already and Reggie was 750 miles away. One day, about a week later, we decided we needed him in our lives. Our family helped transport him from Kansas to Houston and we were instantaneously in LOVE with him!

At first, we were nervous bringing a deaf dog home. We didn’t know if/how he would be different from hearing dogs. But, there was no need to worry, he fit right in, like he had been here forever. Reggie is very smart, learned hand signals quickly, and is generally adored by everyone who meets him. He is the biggest ham and his adoption is one of the best decisions we ever made.

Because of Reggie, we began fostering dogs for local rescues (we have fostered over 50!) and started Reggie’s Friends to help people help animals. We couldn’t believe that a dog as amazing as Reggie could face breed specific legislation in some cities (we actually can’t take our dogs to visit our family because “pit bulls” are banned there) or that anyone could ever think he was “dangerous”. We strive to advocate for bully breeds, help rescues access necessary supplies and vet care for their animals, and assist the public through spay/neuter initiatives, vaccinations, and microchipping.

You can read more about Reggie at:
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