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Belle was found thanks to a tip sent to Reggie’s Friends about some dogs that had been seen “living” in these houses. RF went out a few times but didn’t see any dogs. We decided our best option was to set a humane trap.

When we got her it was obvious she had been heavily bred and mistreated. She had been wounded with abscesses and punctures all over her face and neck. She also had a raging infection.

Fortunately with a little love and care she figured out what being a house dog was all about. She absolutely loves everything including her new family in Massachusetts where she has a farm to roam on. Belle is right at home with her Frenchie brother, a parrot, and some kids who adore her.

Instead of “living” in a house that is falling apart and filthy, Belle can be found playing in the snow and exploring her new life with adopters that think she is amazing!

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