Big Bear

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Bear is the SWEETEST big man! He is a ~18 month old Great Pyr and is literally just fantastic. Bear is very dog friendly, not easily excitable, and a big ole love. But, he is a BIG man who has the tendencies natural to his breed – protective & keenly aware of his environment. He will be protective of his family and his pack (if he’s adopted into a home with other dogs) and his new family should be familiar with the breed and their quirks. He’s ~75 lbs right now and still a bit underweight, so we expect him to be closer to 85-90 lbs once he is fully back up to weight. Bear loves hanging out with his foster family and keeping watch on all of their DIY projects! He then loves a nap in the living room as his family winds down for the night.

You can read more about Bear here

Ready to Adopt?

Breed: Great Pyrenees
Age: 18 months
Size: 75 lbs
Expected Size: 85 lbs
Good with Kids? Yes
Good with Other Dogs? Yes
Good with Cats? Unknown

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