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Crouton was born just after Christmas after his beautiful momma was rescued off of the streets. Momma is a mid-sized Hound dog and Daddy is a big 100+ lb Great Pyrenees. We are not entirely sure how big Crouton will be, but his adoptive family should be prepared for a good, meat sized best buddy. Crouton is still a young pup so his adoptive family needs to be prepared for all things puppy including house, kennel, leash and life training. His family should also be prepared for accidents in the house, chewing on things he’s not supposed to, and likely crying in his kennel as he leaves his siblings. He is a HANDSOME little puppy who we know is going to be someone’s BFF as he grows up.

If you’d like to learn more about Crouton, check out this link

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Breed: Great Pyrenees / Hound Mix
Age: 9 weeks
Size: 15 lbs
Expected Size: 60+ lbs
Good with Kids? Yes
Good with Other Dogs? Yes
Good with Cats? Yes

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